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1# | التقييم 8.25 / 10 2021/01/16


• Title: COVID-19 Vaccination Causing Paralysis, Convulsions, And Death - Videos and Proof Inside! Who is Tiffany Dover? This is Tiffany Dover: Proof that Tiffany Pontes Dover is dead. She has not released a video of her current status in almost 2 weeks after taking the vaccine on any social media platform, and the place see was employed at, is covering up her death. More details down below. Part 2 CHI Memorial hospital posted the video on twitter but because of questions and backlash, they have put their twitter account on private. You can see by the url structure, it directs to the CHI Memorial twitter post but since their account is on private, you can't view the 20 second video post, but can see the replying comments from the video. (tweet has been taken down) CHI Memorial twitter account has been protected because of the backlash ( Because the twitter video is on private, CHI Memorial posted the video also on youtube in which the link is here TIFFANY DOVER DEAD? ALIVE FOUR DAYS LATER?! Whats strange is the "tiffany" person in the 20 second video has her hair parted in the middle instead of the side, this person looks bigger in weight and more broad in the shoulders, etc. So here are side by side pictures of the real Tiffany dover, and her body double.